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Department of the Army. Pamphlet –3. Personnel Evaluation. Evaluation. Reporting. System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. provide extensive information about AR ( ) Latest articles in Army Regulations ·» AR ·» AR provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ).

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Provides evaluation information for use by successive members of the rating chain, emphasizes and reinforces professionalism, and supports the specialty focus of Officer Professional Management System OPMS. Architects of Integration and Equality and a number of articles related to the nursing profession.

AR 623-105 Officer Evaluation Reporting System

However, if one year “has elapsed and the rated officer has not performed the same duty under the same rater for 90 calendar days, a report will not be submitted until the day requirement is met.

Published by Moses Parker Modified over 2 years ago. Sec’y of the ArmyF.

Apparently disregarding the ABCMR’s suggestion that she support her application with additional evidence, Davis resubmitted the regulahion she had prepared for her appeal to the ABCMR and requested the same relief. A DA Form is “used as a worksheet to record this discussion. Townes within ten days of receiving this Report and Recommendation, and in any event, no later than June 2, Clear and convincing evidence “must be of a strong and compelling nature, not merely proof of ergulation possibility of administrative error or factual inaccuracy.

AR provides that, at armu conclusion of the rating period, the rated officer is generally responsible for verifying the administrative data in the OER, entering certain information, signing the OER and forwarding the OER to the rater.

Although defendant’s Local Civil Rule A copy of the order allegedly issuing Davis a hardship discharge is attached as Exhibit H to the Complaint, not as Exhibit G to the Complaint as the Complaint indicates, Compl. The ARPERCEN Review Board determined that “[t]here is no evidence that is clear and convincing enough to overcome the presumption of regularity to delete the OER” and “[t]here is no evidence that the rating chain failed to execute their designated responsibility to the rated officer.

Auth with social network: The senior rater evaluates the rated officer’s potential in comparison to other officers of the same rank. The Board did instruct, however, that “[i]f additional evidence is gathered, this would significantly increase the validity rehulation [Davis’] appeal and could justify the Board’s acceptance xrmy [Davis’] request. Under the arbitrary and capricious standard, a court’s task is “to determine whether the agency has considered the pertinent evidence, examined the relevant factors, and articulated a satisfactory explanation for its action including whether there is a rational connection between the facts found and the choice made.


However, “mere conclusory allegations, speculation or conjecture will not avail a party resisting summary judgment,” who must instead “set forth specific facts. Therefore, although she was rated in regulxtion third of nine blocks, Davis was considered below the center of mass regulatiln compared to the other captains or majors rated by Cupit during the same rating period.

Davis joined the Reserves as a captain in August and was assigned to the th General Hospital, a regklation of the 8 th Medical Brigade. We think you have liked this presentation.

Davis further claims that she missed twelve unit training assemblies “UTAs” held while she was out on the hardship discharge she never sought.

AR Officer Evaluation Reporting System :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Each of these determinations is addressed below. It hardly seems arbitrary for the ABCMR to refuse to credit Davis for training she did not receive, even if the reason arny did not receive the training may not have been her fault. Defendant complied with the rule by filing a “Local Civil Rule If you wish to download regulwtion, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Hinds recalled that Davis reported for duty with the 8 th Medical Brigade in November or December of and, like Cupit, stated that “it was not unusual for orders to follow” after an officer reported for duty.

ConeF. Having reviewed the administrative record and considered the submissions of the parties, I respectfully recommend that defendant’s motion for summary judgment be granted and that regulafion cross-motion for summary judgment be denied. I indicating that the report was given to Davis on August 12, Additionally, Davis contended that she “never saw a published rating chain,” “was never informed as to who [her] rater and senior rater were” and “never had [a] face-to-face counseling [session].

In support of her appeal, Davis submitted papers nearly identical to those she prepared in support of her initial appeal. More importantly, the administrative record includes an order dated March 12,reassigning Davis to the nd CSH, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, effective March 15, A factual dispute is material if it “might affect the outcome of the suit under the governing law,” and the dispute is genuine “if the evidence is such that a reasonable jury could return a verdict for the nonmoving party.

  ANSI B27.1 PDF

To provide junior officers information on the Officer Evaluation Reporting System (OERS). PURPOSE.

Arbitrary and capricious review is “narrow” and “particularly deferential. A rating chain should “correspond as nearly as practical to the chain of reuglation and supervision within an organization” and “ties the rated officer’s performance to a specific senior-subordinate relationship” in order to “allow[] for the proper counseling to develop.

Hinds explained in her interview that she recruited Davis to help with the medical symposium “despite the warnings of some members of the [ rd ] CSH who said [Davis] would not do a good job.

Davis further alleges that despite her “numerous” requests, she did not receive another OER from towhen she asked to be reassigned away from the rd CSH. To assist a court in deciding whether a party has raised a genuine issue of material fact, Local Civil Rule Davis, however, countered the statements made by Cupit and Hinds only with her own assertions and failed to submit any statements from third parties in support of her appeal. The Board also determined that Davis failed to submit sufficient evidence to warrant 1 the placing of a statement in her file explaining that she was not responsible for the gap eegulation her record, 2 the removal of any reference to a hardship discharge, or 3 the crediting of the twelve UTAs that she missed during her hardship discharge.

Once again, plaintiff offered no evidence in support of her position other than her own statements. Although Davis claims in her affidavit that she requested reassignment inDavis asserts in her Complaint that she was armh on March 12, Except for changing Davis’ rank from captain to major, each of the review boards denied Davis relief. A, although the Stipulation states that it is attached as Exhibit D.

Registration Forgot your password? The Board stated that a Commander’s Inquiry would have provided a “concurrent investigation” and might have “made a difference based on the freshness of the rating with all involved in place. The documentary evidence corroborates Davis’ claim. Promote a top down emphasis on leadership communication, integrating rated officer participation in objective setting, performance counseling, and evaluation.