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View Bisrat Amare’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Bisrat has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. The author, who enjoyed the limelight, was none other than former TPLF torture czar and spymaster “Professor” Bisrat Amare. The latest Tweets from Bisrat Amare (@AmareBisrat).

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There are new breed of historians in town that are endorsed by the TPLF to rewrite and narrate Ethiopian history. Mysteriously enough, no one in the United States attended Prof. Nonetheless, it should be noted from the outset that the effort of this writer to locate the American university where Prof. Amare claimed to work as a professor could not bear any fruits. One may wonder why but the simple truth is that Prof. Amare became bisrah security chief of Addis Ababa.

But that did not last long as he was accused of theft and corruption by his own ethnic party.

Bisrat Amare: The man even who tortured history

A close confidant of Bisrat Amare who spoke with Addis Voice on condition of anonymity says that the professor is an accomplished con artist. He fled to the United States in the early s after he allegedly robbed a huge amount of US dollars and gold seized as exhibit.

Bisrat was sent to jail for stealing a significant amount of gold and hard currency. But the slick former spy used his connections with Sibehat Nega to get out of jail and fled to the United States. As soon as he arrived, he applied for political asylum under false pretense that he fled Ethiopia as the TPLF persecuted and tortured him.

Until the elections, Bisrat was known as a dissident of the TPLF, which he used to condemn publicly as a dangerous fascistic mafia group. He particularly expressed amqre hatred and disdain to Meles Zenawi, whom he accused of being an Eritrean wolf in a Tigrian skin. One of bisrag enablers of Meles that betrayed the original leaders of the ethnic front, according to Bisrat, was Abaye Tsehaye, whom he describes as someone who goes with the wind of the day. Another enabler of Meles, Bisrat claimed, was Sibehat Nega.

When opposition parties gained the upper hand during the elections and change seemed inevitable, Prof. A few years ago, professor Bistrat had an interview with the pariah broadcaster Nigussie Woldmariam.

He said lies are the political weapon of anyone opposed to the TPLF because the history of the TPLF is all about heroism, sacrifice, justice and liberation. But he also contended that, the history of Ethiopia is full of lies and told us that TPLF would rewrite history.

Former Addis Ababa Security Head to face criminal charge in USA | Ethiopian Media Forum (EMF)

One of the major targets of Prof. His rule was based on deceit as he did not even have the right to claim the throne unlike Emperor Yohannes because he did not have the lineage of Axumite kings. Amare tells us that even the victory of Adowa over Italian colonialists was worthless. He went on to tell us that the legacy of Emperor Menelik to Ethiopians was lies, cowardice and treason…. The professor failed to mention the fact that the worst enemies Ethiopian patriots had bisray were mercenaries and Askaris from Tigray and Eritrea.


The factual irony is that bisraat Ethiopia is being ruled by the grandsons and granddaughters of Italian Askaris, bisat Meles Zenawi and his wife, Azeb Gola, who both have mercenary heritages.

Anti-Ethiopia tyrants like Meles Zenawi, Abay Tseyahe, Sibehat Nega, Arkebe Ekubay, Seyoum Mesfin,…and the false history professor Bisrat Amare should have known a better way of speaking to a nation than spreading divisive and backward tactics of attacking the past.

TPLF has proven to be an archaic and brutal group that cannot criticize the past while complicating the future of our anare. Creating division, animosity, hatred…and pitting one ethnic group against another will only have disastrous consequences.

Twisting, distorting, and falsifying history can only add petrol to the already volatile ethnic relations in Ethiopia that has been precariously maintained through the hegemony of the TPLF. The professor confided to a friend a while ago that he hated Meles Zenawi.

This has nothing to do with the tyranny and atrocities that Meles is committing against Ethiopians. He broke the news to his bosses but Meles, who does not know how to be gracious, bluntly humiliated Bisrat by accusing him of distorting the BBC news because of his poor grasp ajare English.

Bisrat was so bitter that he wanted to exact a revenge on Meles Zenawi. The moment arrived for Prof. It is quite surprising that Abaye Tseyahe and Sibhat Nega endorsed a book written by a false professor that tortured history. This may be a sign of a dangerous bisratt that Prof. One may wonder whether the good professor went all the way to Addis to oust the man he hates to become the next legitimate ruler of Ethiopia from Axum, a quality that even Emperor Menelik could only dream of.

Luckily, we have copies of the real history of the TPLF that the dummy professor, who is not even sure what he does for a living, has already published. For the record, we will be publishing them all. Please read and judge for yourself. This piece would not have been possible without the invaluable input of a few informed sources. I must acknowledge the contributions of Hawarya editor and publisher, Muluken Muchie, who kindly sent me a series of articles authored by Bisrat Amare all the way from Canada.

Two former confidants of Bisrat Amare, who were members of the TPLF until they rejected the brutality, crimes and divisive agenda of the group aamare Ethiopia with brute force, gave me valuable insight and information. It is very high time for those who are at least ordinary sensed persons to see what is looming.

As is witnessed from history, Ethiopians trajectory can not be detected or forecast as the western politicians or TPLF elites think. Eruption could occur any minute and engulf the whole nation including the cronies, who would be the most potential victim? Dear Abebe, Here are some questions.

And did he get one-way ticket for his book-signing trip? And the three of them, if my math is correct, were in the same league from the get-go. So what is going on here? This woyanne rat biisrat a mass killer has in no way the moral capability to write a full sentence as he is a born lier and suffers with a chronic inferriority as his endorser is sebhat nega is amwre an old alkoholiker who is not worth to be a topic for a second his only official presentation by the voa amhaic program shows what this weird alkoliker is up to he does not even say a single truth the whle mark of woyanne is simply lies after lies as their crime boss in his day to day life with a neck tie and suit has never had one truth except decipt and arrogance full of lies woyanne as a gang is build with lies from top to the end like a fish stink starts from its head.


I heard from home any TPLF instant millionirs group members. Nobody should expect the TPLF and its fascist and supreme ethnic leader aite Meles Zenawi to come to tems with reality and the truth. The TPLF was conceived in the anti-Amhara womb of the Tigrayan students and grew bosrat as it was able to gain widespread support and followers in Tigray.

Meles Zenawi equates Ethiopia and Amhara as one and the same and blames all the ills in Tigray including those caused by nature on the Amharas. He openly speaks of the Amaharas as the enemies of the people of Tigray and lambasts what he describes as the Amhara rulers In the public meetings.

Former Addis Ababa Security Head to face criminal charge in USA

bisat He received applauses when ever he made these fascistic speeches filled with hatred and despise. The anti-Amahara stand and acceptance of Eritrean independence are the main criteria to be the full and reliable member of the TPLF.

The demonization and villification of the Amharas are the successful tactics Meles Zenawi uses to ensure and maintain ammare absolute loyalty of the Tigrayans. Meles Zenawi and his blind ethnic followers have singled out and picked up Emperor Menelik II as the most cruel and destructive Amhara king. They accuse the Emperor of conducting a devastating campaign against the people of Tigray under the guise of fighting the Italians during the battle of Adwa.

“Prof.” Bisrat Amare: The man who even tortured history

They say that the Amhara army under the Emperor ravaged Tigray and impoverished its people. Almost all Tigrayans believe in or subscribe to this distorted or falsfied history of the Adwa battle. Meles Zenawi and his followers are doing all this despicable distortions amars falsification to cover and make up for the shameful and treasonous parts of their heritage. Their forefathers had betrayed Ethiopia and served the Italian colonial powers then.

Bisrrat fascist and racist ethnic leader Meles Zenawi is blinding and leading the people of Tigray into the abyss. We have yet to find a single Woyane that articulate anything worth reading. Could anyone insult Tigrians more than what Woyane did for over three decades? It is a tragedy when people are reduced to noting more than servitude of a vagabond Woyane and Shabiya without much reaction.

The man even who tortured history Posted by: Kaleb November 11, at 3: Danny Zee Clasical October 28, at 7: Alem October 28, at 4: Ahadu October 28, at 5: Abraham October 28, at 3: Meheret Haile October 28, at 3: Aboy October 28, at 1: The days of Woyane are numbered but my fear is it is going to take the people of Tigray with it. Comments — What do you think?