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Concrete Hell has 37 ratings and 5 reviews. Maria said: DiMarco uses Stalingrad, Aachen, Hue City, Northern Ireland and Ramadi. Each chapter focuses on t. In Concrete Hell Louis DiMarco has provided a masterful study of the brutal realities of urban warfare, of what it means to seize and hold a city literally block by. An In-Depth Review of “Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare from Stalingrad to Iraq”. Sun Tzu, the great philosopher of war, was not a fan of urban.

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After beating off the expected counterattacks by AQI Al-Qaeda in Iraq forces the Americans would build government infrastructure, gain the trust of the Iraqi people, and create opportunities for the Iraqi people to give them a stake in the struggle.

Alex rated it really liked it Nov 24, However this is not win all, or lose all, situation and more professional forces using specialized equipment and proper tactics can still triumph with relatively few casualties, soldiers or civilians, as will be shown by the case studies of Nablus and Ramadi. I am less comfortable with the inclusion of these studies, particularly Northern Ireland over such a wide time scale.

Jon Rupinski rated it liked it Jun 13, Jan 07, Jack rated it it was ok. Russell rated it liked it May 03, Rex Miller rated it it was ok Nov 10, Didn’t learned much about Urban warfare tactics, but diverse historical situations were interesting to learn.

Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare From Stalingrad to Iraq

Such a study could not be more timely. Secondly, sieges, given that they rely on starvation as a strategy, inevitable lead to humanitarian crises and this is also politically unacceptable to the American public. Alex Zotov rated it really liked it Oct 05, It is worthwhile describing what methods and tactics the Israelis used in Nablus and the Americans used in Ramadi.


Charlotte Wolery rated it really liked it Feb 29, This made it simple concrrte pick people up for questioning or launch operations quickly as they could easily pinpoint where stalingrav were.

Considerations such as collateral damage and political blow back, while not completely absent especially at Huewere generally secondary to the military objective of taking the city.

Concrete Hell – Urban warfare from Stalingrad to Iraq / Historical Association

Even the Israelis, who generally do not even pretend to try winning over the Palestinians, are experts at Humint and use a system of informants recruited by a combination of coercion and greed and interrogation teams near the front lines to quickly interrogate, though usually not via brutal means, civilians in the war-zone to get information about their enemies. I’m working my way thru my Professional Reading titles, and this was recently returned.

Ali Khan rated it really liked it Dec 31, Jared rated it it was ok Dec 22, Of course the other alternative to fighting a street by street battle would be to subject a stlaingrad to siege.

Suppressing enemy positions with fire whenever tanks had to move from one firing point to another. I suspect that it is designed primarily for military study but it deserves wider distribution because it presents arguments that we and our governments need to consider now and in the future.

This combined with protecting civilians from reprisals, and helping to build government infrastructure and economic opportunities for the people, slowly built trust between the army and the people and trom the latter to give intelligence to the former which helped them fight the insurgents. The fact that DiMarco, who surely heard of Sun Tzu, never even mentions the great philosopher, let alone his objections to urban warfare, is odd.

Having them constantly screened and protected by infantry. One can probably not find a better textbook example on how to ambush a convoy than this. Yet Humint in urban warfare is absolutely necessary and the French army were not wrong to make detailed censuses or even using high stress interrogations providing they followed international law but the extensive use of torture on tens of thousands of Algerians, and the summary executions of thousands more afterwards unequivocally was.


Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare From Stalingrad to Iraq: Louis A. DiMarco: Osprey Publishing

Add to My HA Add to folder. This was a basic introduction, but I was intrigued by the shift from shift battles concretf total destruction, to longer drawn out battles with less destruction and civilian causalities.

The well prepared army will still need the capability to fight a variety of enemies over widely differing types of terrain. Either way the value of urban areas to the enemy is relative. The presence of civilians has mostly been a boon with the rise of media, and when fighting democracies, as most collateral damage is usually blamed ro the attacking force.

The fighting in Syria, and the recent violence in Iraq, has also revolved around cities. After the Americans had finished clearing, building and holding one outpost and securing the population around it they simply moved onto another area and did the same thing. The opponents in these instances were guerrilla forces fighting against foreign intruders and had considerable benefits in local intelligence, motivation and unit cohesion.

Ivo Bernardo rated it liked it Aug 09, Regarding demographics the author notes the population explosion of the last few decades, which is not slowing down. Jul 27, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: