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GENERAL. Usage of Maintenance Manual. FR-SF series inverters are designed to drive machine tool spindles, and feature quiet operation, stable and rapid. Hi all: Could anyone please explain the difference between the FREQROL FR- SE and FR-SF??? To me they sound the same I thank you for. Repair service for FR-SFK-CE Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive 26kW VAC FREQROL FR-SF Condition: Send-in repair. Free evaluation. 6 Months warranty .

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If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Login to Your Account. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of For the last 2 days the machine would just stop in mid cycle with a spindle controller error on screen.

I powered off and back on and it worked for a while. The spindle drive LED’s are all off. Powered up and all LED’s working. I plugged back in the Terminal strips one at a time and it’s only when the top one is in that the LED’s go out. So the top Therminal strip is pulling the drive down.

Should I try and trace where the wires from this strip are going, should I check or look for anything in particular? Join Date Sep Location il. Yep, it’s one of the big base transistors gone bad. A guy in Malaysia of all places! The decel side uses 12, maybe smaller ones Usually, when a base transistor dies, it will short out your SF-CA card as well.

Sounds like your SF-CA is still alive.

Good luck, greqrol keep us posted. Thanks for the help Guys Hi guys, The story so far I took out the spindle drive and downloaded the info from meau site, checked the transistors and saw that one of them was faulty.

I ordered new ones and got them today. Thanks Greg for all the information and diagonising the problem. I got the transistors on ebay from Malyasia, only thing was that they weren’t new they were used for sure I’ll chase that guy rf that.

I checked them with the meter and they were fine so I put them into frewrol drive and put the drive back in the machine. Powered up and all looked good.

Set up a job and the machine ran for about two hours fine. Then it stopped and I got the spindle drive malfunction alarm like before. LED’s off on spindle drive. I figured must be a transformer again so I checked them but they seemed ok. Started machine again with the door of the gr drive still open.


It worked away for another while and I thought I’ll close the door on the spindle drive. I did that and about 10mins later machine goes down again.

This time the screen goes completely blank. So I took out the spindle drive again and I’m going to check all the transistors again in the morning. The biggest worrie now is that the controller freqril the screen are not coming on when I power up. I insulated the cables that connect to the spindle drive as I did before so I could turn on the power to keep the batteries charged and it’s an old screen so I like freqqrol power it on for an hour a day.

Now as Freqol said when I power up there is no lights on the controller and I can’t turn on the screen at all. I can’t find any fuses or trip switches anywhere but something must be gone somewhere. I checked two small wires going into the controller that have “AV in” written on frfqrol and I’m only ffr 60v accross them.

What should I look for? Is there a fuse or trip switch stopping the controller coming on? Thanks Guys, I was hoping to have a better report, It looked good for a while there. Ok I found I was missing a phase! The power cable into the machine had a wire broken. Sorted that now and screen and controller back up.

I’m going to put the spindle drive back in now after I check the transistor modules again. Is this idea a bit crazy, like wishfull thinking? The only other thing I noticed was that the Spindle drive is displaying a different speed to the machine. Can this cause a problem? How do I correct it? Sounds like you may have her fixed The spindle motor will turn a different rpm than your spindle, due to the different frrqrol pulleys. The motor pulley is smaller than the spindle pulley, to get more torque at the spindle.

Rfeqrol the motor itself is turning more rpms than the spindle. So, it is normal for the spindle controller LED to show different rpms than your cnc monitor. That’s weird the Malaysian-Ebay dude sold you used transistors. There are two different guys from Malaysia selling them on Ebay. I purchased some a year or so ago and they were new Either way, if the transistors test good, you should be good to go.

Those MEAU test procedures for the base transistors are a bit tricky to figure out. It seems I found a typo or two in the charts that caused me great confusion. So what I do now is test all the transistors in sequence, one at a time, and look for any differences in the analog meter readings. A bad transistor will frerqol one or more totally different readings. Thanks Greg, So I won’t worrie about the speed difference. I just was afraid that the spindle controller might have been in conflict with the NC control or spindle motor.


Yeah strange about the used Transistors, considering he has no negative feed back and pages of positive stuff. They came from Hong Kong so maybe he was all out and bought them somewhere else. I mailed him so I’ll see what he says. It’s nearly a good job! I’m pretty sure the problem is where the SF-CA card plugs onto the power supply.

It’s just a poor connection and I checked for connectivity with the meter and one or two are failing when I move or press the fteqrol a little. I’m going to try and make these connections better tomorrow some how, not sure how yet though. I’ll hopefully have it running perfect this time tomorrow.

I’ll keep yous posted anyway. Thanks very much Greg for all the help. I saw on another post where you were saying about increasing the accellaration and decellaration times of the spindle to make it easier on the controller I would be interested in doing that.

Is it a matter of changing parameters at the NC screen or is it changing parameters at the spindle controller? So, you have to change a parameter, SP19 I think.

Check your electrical manual.


Original value on T32 QT’s I have seen is about I would change the parameter tomaybe even 1, After changing, power the machine down, and when powered back up, watch the spindle start and stop. When you find a value that you like, all ya gotta do then is make sure the control doesn’t override the parameter when turning on.

About your drive alarming Check the alarm code on the drive itself. Remember, the decel side of the drive has more base transistors 12 maybe? These decel transistors seldom go bad Also, visually check your capacitors seldom go badand meter-check your 3 AC-to-DC transistors.

Mitsubishi FR-SF: Industrial Automation, Control | eBay

I forget the technical name of those little buggers. Hi Guys, It’s a good job now! Working fine for the last few days. Got rid of the problem with the bad connection of the SF-CA card to the power supply and it’s perfect. They’s like a spring loaded clip on the card that plugs into the pins from the power supply. I gave the pins a rub of fine sand paper like you suggested Wippin’ boy and tightened the clips a bit so the sc are good now.

I looked in my electrical manual and there’s just a list of some parameters with the values they are set to but no explaination as to what freeqrol do. So I found parameter SP19 and like you said Greg it was set to I increased it to and I can see that it takes a slight bit longer to reach the programmed speed.