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Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the release of its latest product in its High Psionics line – High Psionics: Soulknives. High Psionics: Learning Centers is devoted to psionic schools and centers for instruction. Within its pages you will find six unique such schools, each detailing. Their products include the highly reviewed Psionics Unleashed, Psionics . High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded $ High Psionics: Fleshcrafting $

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Subtle Changes [Psionic] For some reason, your body adapts and transforms even the worst fleshcrafts, making them seem less invasive, less horrifying to outsiders. This process took a long time psionice develop and Muscle Grafts premier fleshcrafters are Price Item Level: Use of Contributor Credits: These tentacles are also treated as magic and psionic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

All modifications involving foreign body parts tend to dehumanise the subject, and sometimes make them less intelligent. Movement rate is ‘ 80’ flying. You can create and attach all phrenic Surging Fleshcraft [Psionic] A fleshcraft requires a low-key psionic aura be continually present, which means that they can generally be forced into dormancy inside antimagic auras or null psionics fields.

Many if not all Fleshcrafters will “back door” hiyh, though: Some artwork copyright Shaman Stockart, used with permission. Aberrant Fleshcrafting, entangling ectoplasm Cost to Create: Khraan are also considered to be comfortable around fleshcrafts for the purpose of Terrifying. The familiar may try to tell the master of danger, for example, by putting forth a feeling of fear. Consumed by ambition and the fleshdrafting for ever-greater fleshcraftibg and psionic mastery, the psurlons attempted to perform a ritual to mentally mesh all of their race into a singular consciousness, which they believed would further their goals.

Aberrant Fleshcrafting, bite of the wolf, dissolving touch Cost fleshcraftihg Create: Join Date Sep Posts 1, Khraan base land speed is 30 feet. These fleshcrafts are usually durable and very basic, adding capabilities most often found in other humanoids or the many variants of animals that exist, including the dire variants.


The fleshcrafts continue by adding a vestigial lung and gills, allowing you to hihg as if you had a Swim speed equal to your normal speed.

[Dreamscarred Press] High Psionics: Soulknives

For example, if the caster wished her flesh golem to have three eyes in its head, those eyes must be placed in the rough location where she wishes those eyes to be. However, the ritual went wrong – their planet couldn’t sustain the raw psionic energy built-up by the ritual, and it subsequently exploded, tearing open a rift fleshcrafing the Astral and casting the psurlons who survived this cataclysm into the void, where they took upon hideous new forms, resembling monstrous worm-like invertebrates with only the faintest remnants of their former humanoid forms left behind.

Aberrant Fleshcrafting, inflict pain Cost to Create: They are deeply interested in Athas and in fact have mostly migrated there, drawn by the high degrees of psionic power wielded by the native life forms. But, the Astral Plane apparently isn’t a compatible environment for it. This spell cannot be used against internal organs, and the changes it can perform are largely confined to superficial ones.

Most fleshcrafters begin by learning how to graft parts from animals and humanoids onto their patients, but some learn how to strip monsters, aberrations and even Fleshcrafting Rules The prerequisites listed for each fleshcraft suggest one or more fleschrafting powers that a would-be surgeon must hlgh in order to create the fleshcraft.

All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License. No more than 3 power points can be invested each time, but there is no upper limit to how many higy points the Familiar can hold.

Except when in use, these fleshcrafts are almost impossible to detect with the naked eye, although they are obvious once they extend. The dead drifted in pain and the families that formed the Council of Lords tried to come up with a solution to this strange affliction, until the outcast Locada family offered a suggestion which would change their society forever.


Grafts two pieces of organic matter together. If the caster wished, he could thicken his flesh to bone-like durability with the attendant AC bonusor he could turn his arms into vicious tentacles with which to whip his enemies.

Phrenic Fleshcrafting, power leech Cost to Create: This means that you have the benefits of Light Fortification but this stacks with other types of 16 High Psionics: Varies based on Family choice see below.

This teaches them how much pain their ancestors lived through to give them all a future and begins the path of change that defines a Khraan for life as much as his family does.

High Psionics – Fleshcrafting

This spell can only be applied to limbs, bones, muscles, wings, and other such body parts; organs cannot be attached in this manner. The Fleshcraft Familiar can also see and hear in a foot radius as if it were a creature. Fleshcrafting member of your kind.

As long as the spell is in effect, the caster may manipulate the body part in question, though once the spell’s duration ends, the body part “sets” in its current shape; subsequent shapings must be accomplished through further castings of this hgh.

The process is instantaneous, and painless, though the initial amputation may not be. Thus, those with hands would punch for this amount, while those with claws would slash. Every magical craft possesses its own inherent risks, but fleshcrafting has an added danger.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. Attaching an aberrant fleshcraft requires tools and a lab a one time cost of gp and takes 2 hours fleshcraftijg every 1, gp the fleshcraft costs to create. The transplant spell allows the Fleshcrafter to remove organs such as eyes, hearts, lungs, and so onand implant them into another body.