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A subreddit for great, but lesser-known, classical music. Modern_Classical’s current selection is: O Crux by Comp. Knut Nystedt Perf. Voktett Hannover. Wow, this gives me such shivers – with nods to. Lyrics for O Crux by Knut Nystedt. LyricsO Crux. Knut Nystedt. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics. News you might be.

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This subreddit is for great, but lesser known, classical music. Here, we avoid reposts and ultra-famous works in order to highlight composers and compositions that may not get the exposure that they deserve. Don’t be an asshole about music. The subreddit name is satirical and the joke ends there. Music submissions or discussion questions only. Everything else will be removed. When you post a music submission, the title needs to be in exactly the following format:. There is a limit of one post every three days.

This is to avoid the problem of the front page being composed entirely of one user’s posts, which has happened often in the past. All music posts must be a link to a streaming site YouTube or similar. Lnut links to downloads are allowed. Submissions should be slightly lesser known works.

You don’t need to worry much about obscurity, but if your submission is a popular cell phone ringtone it doesn’t belong here. Message the mods if your post isn’t showing up, as it’s probably just caught in the spam filter. Finally, if you continually break the rules, you’ll get two warnings before we ban you.

O Crux One of his best. Very nice, thank you. I was wondering, how hard is it to sing microtonal music? I can only imagine it being very hard, but I’ve never tried. I didn’t actually realise that this was microtonal, from listening to it admittedly, without concentrating on it heavily.


The harmonies do definitely sound exotic enough to be, though. I can’t find any confirmation of it being microtonal so it may be that it’s being performed a cappella; it’s easy for voices to naturally blend into just intonation, rather than temperament.

Anyway, singing microtonal or rather, xenharmonic music is quite achievable for either: Or, for a singer used to singing chromatics and dissonances with abandon, who could probably acclimatise more easily than many to a new tuning.

Singing microtones themselves specifically intervals smaller than a semitone varies depending on what you’re referring to. A cent semitone as opposed to cents to a semitone in EDO 12 equal divisions of the octave sounds to me like a perfectly natural semitone in its own right. I think I could probably reliably distinguish and sing notes in a melody down to about 50 or 40 cents, a quarter-tone or a little less, but I would make sure to test thoroughly whether I’d be able to sustain it and meaningfully differentiate notes before starting any big projects in it.

Steps equivalent to a quarter-tone or less would be an achievement as far as the ‘race to the bottom’ of having small steps, but not at the expense of strong melodic delivery or having actual nice harmonies of course, using synthesisers allows infinitely small steps as far as the composer wants to trouble with working with so many different intervals and notes. It’s the capacity of the voice that limits it.

Generally, the approach to singing something xenharmonic will be to have a tonal system where you understand the roles of each note just as in common-practice tonality, all the notes make sense and cohere within the harmonic and modal texture. A good example of this would be thiswhich totally sounds like just a cool rock song well, to me because it seems to follow a lot of the same rules to establish tonality in the same way, despite being in 22 equal temperament.

Having a robust and easily comprehensible system behind the notes makes it a lot easier to know what they’re meant to mean.


Of course, it’ll be different crus different people, and definitely improvable with practice. There’s one microtonal saxophonist who learnt to play a note scale with the smallest intervals at about 3 cents, because he practiced it relentlessly for years. I sang this a year or two ago, and as you suspected, it isn’t microtonal.

Just 8 parts with very dense nyxtedt, and as its a cappella it just sounds as if it is. Thanks for settling it!

I have unfortunately a far from perfect hear I’ll try to find the score to understand the harmonies at play. And I haven’t heard of Voktett Hannover, either, but man: That is amazing singing. So now I know. You might also like Immortal Bach cfux Nystedt.

It’s one of his more famous pieces. I’ve never heard it live, but those nstedt have say that it’s much better that way. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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Knut Nystedt – O Crux SATB

Want to add to the discussion? I’ll send it to you in a little bit. So I’ll look for more.